Entrepreneur developer designer
Based in Kyoto, Japan
// Social Proof
  • Early bitcoin investor. Referenced in the first major book on crypto, The Age of Cryptocurrency.
  • Sold 2 Silicon Valley startups(Gamify, Binded).
  • Raised money from top investors including Taizo Son, Asahi Shimbun, and Scott & Cyan Banister.
  • Coined the term gamify.
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Nathan Lands
Hi, I'm Nathan
I'm passionate about creating simple and fun products that make the world a better place.
I’ve survived a tornado in Alabama, acted in Taiwan, started startups in Silicon Valley and even sat on the director’s chair at a major Disney film set.
A few of my projects
Nathan Lands
Copyright-protection on the blockchain. Helping artists protect their work.
Nathan Lands
A stealth-mode NFT platform.
Nathan Lands
The first social bitcoin wallet.
I'm primarily focused on creating beautiful web apps with React & TypeScript. I have experience in all aspects ranging from inception to successfully launching a startup, getting press and beyond.
I'm currently working on Lore.com, and taking on occasional contract work for interesting projects.
Want to discuss collaborating on a project? Email me at nathan@lore.com